Welcome to Sanvee High School

  • Statement of Ethos and Values

    A School with an Educational and Mental Balance

    SANVEE schools offer students something: An education that prepares them according to the highest, most rigorous international standards. Education is prime to economic development. People who can speak, analyse, and reason critically have superior economic prospects, higher agronomic productivity, healthier offspring, and improved procreative wellbeing. At SANVEE, we place a very high value on living in a close-knit community.

    The real strengths of the Academy are our educational standards and institutional care:
    We will build on our already excellent academic record. Acceptance into SANVEE is based upon academic records indicating demonstrated ability to complete higher-level academic courses, maintain disciplined study and work habits, and acceptable conduct and attendance.
    We will develop each and every child – and offer them life expertise and leadership opportunities: emerging citizens and raising them for adult lifetime. We often say that the best leaders are the ones without a title. Our students grow into strong leaders over time here at SANVEE.
    We will offer exceptional institutional care – and be a home from home to the children
    We will combine the unique and special ingredients of paramilitary and education.
    That’s if you are a student and want your high school experience to be the best imaginable, SANVEE HIGH SCHOOL can make your high school years fun, challenging, and meaningful.

  • Sanvee-Missions

    Our Mission Statement

    The mission of SANVEE HIGH is to ensure that every student develops the expertise and information to pursue an industrious and rewarding life, contribute considerately in a democracy, and be successful in a diverse and evolving global society through providing a qualitatively diverse educational setting that nurtures a passion for cerebral curiosity, encourages risk taking, independence and innovation, and is committed to a tradition of academic excellence and social responsibility providing the child with rich learning opportunities by creating a model that gives the child room to both discover his element and engage in a constructive and progressive self-discovery process.

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  • Admissions

    Welcome to SANVEE INTERNATIONAL HIGH School! I am excited that you have chosen to include SANVEE HIGH in your school search, and our website is a great tool to use to learn more about our unique school and community.

    Our website has been created to guide you in your admission.
    Below are links to areas within our site that I believe will be important to you as you complete your school search. In addition, I encourage you to stay connected with the Sanvee experience through social media. Seeing, reading and watching what is happening among our students and faculty throughout the year is an ideal way for you to learn about the school.

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  • Sanvee Curriculum image


    The content and standard of courses at SANVEE HIGH prepare students for the academic work of colleges and universities by providing them with a broad and liberal education in the SANVEE HIGH tradition. In addition to traditional secondary disciplines, SANVEE HIGH will offer a number of electives to broaden the student’s preparation for college including offerings in the fine arts and advanced work in classical and modern languages.

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Sanvee High Aims

Our ambition at SANVEE HIGH is to create happy, confident and successful learners by providing a broad education in a happy, stimulating environment in which the students learn to work with concentration and enthusiasm. 

Core Values of Sanvee High

At SANVEE, you enter a new landscape full of new ideas, new people, new relationships and revelations.  Imagine these next six years.  What do you see?  In what direction do you want to grow?  Your high school years reveal so much about your future self, the adult you are becoming. And the place in which you spend those years imbues you with certain enduring qualities.