Our Staff

Our centre provides a warm, friendly, loving environment where children can relax and feel safe and valued. There is something very special about the atmosphere of fun and caring that you will experience for yourself when you visit Sanvee-Rosienne Cottage School. When you place your child in our care, you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that a highly competent and qualified team is caring for your child as everyone we employ is passionate about the development of children and they deliver an extremely high standard of early childhood education.
Each child is assigned a Key Person who enables a special relationship to be established with the child. There is a developmental record kept by the Key Person to which you will have access to at all times. We have always maintained an open door policy as we believe the key to success is communication and sharing.
We welcome parents as an essential part of the school ethos and learning experience. By creating this family atmosphere the children are able to share experiences with both parents and teachers.
We carry out a rigorous recruitment process before employing only those whose vocation is the care of children. We seek to employ carers who are qualified, experienced and who share our ethos.
We look for individuals who have excellent communication skills so that they can build trusting and open relationship with children and parents. Our staff culture is one of fun, teamwork and dedication to high standards.
For more information, call 0816 664 3678 or email us at info@sanveeschools.com or enquire online and we will contact you.

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