Sanvee High Curriculum

Sanvee-CurriculumThe content and standard of courses at SANVEE HIGH prepare students for the academic work of colleges and universities by providing them with a broad and liberal education in the SANVEE HIGH tradition. In addition to traditional secondary disciplines, SANVEE HIGH will offer a number of electives to broaden the student’s preparation for college including offerings in the fine arts and advanced work in classical and modern languages.

The stringent college preparatory curriculum prepares students who are interested in pursuing careers in medicine, applied science, government and similar areas of distinction for admission to the most prestigious university programs in the nation. The academic year is divided into three terms: Fall Term, Winter Term and Spring Term.

Extracurricular activities include clubs and allow students time for enrichment, socialization, and other pursuits beyond the classroom. First and foremost, students must maintain their strong academic standing and good behaviour to enroll or participate in extracurricular activities.

Balance is the essence of our educational value, where scholastic, individual and communal development are each given like standing in preparing our young people for a world outside SANVEE HIGH.

Each term ends with a formal examination period which determines twenty-five percent of the term grade. At the end of each term, grades and detailed comments from the student’s teachers, houseparent, and athletics coach are reported to parents.