Our ambition at SANVEE HIGH is to create happy, confident and successful learners by providing a broad education in a happy, stimulating environment in which the students learn to work with concentration and enthusiasm.

Focus on the Individual

We foster the importance of each student as an individual, equipping them with the skills to be life-long learners and have a thirst for knowledge. Through nurturing the individual, we encourage them to develop a desire for learning while developing their talents, interests and self-belief. All successes, big and small, are celebrated.

The Nurturing of Character

Our strong pastoral ethos encourages tolerance, mutual respect, courtesy and thoughtfulness for others, both within school and in the wider community. We pride ourselves on our staff; they are dedicated, professional and highly motivated, and work in an effective partnership with both parents and other members of staff. Our shared vision is to develop well rounded, confident, happy children, with a strong sense of their own individual attributes and strengths.

The Pursuit of Excellence

It is essential that we encourage students to develop curiosity and it is through an exciting and engaging curriculum that we can achieve this. We strive for excellence in all aspects of school life with a rich, inspiring learning environment and a dynamic curriculum to enable the students to achieve high academic standards and foster enquiring minds. Sport, music, art and drama feature strongly in the lives of the students.

Engaging with Parents

We pride ourselves on our efforts to raise the attainment of our students and build on the success that we have already achieved. We believe that regular communication between the school, parents and students is essential to this success. Parent meetings are an important part of school life and strengthen the strong links between home and school that underpin this success. SANVEE HIGH has an ‘Open Door’ policy and encourages parents to discuss progress with their daughters’ teachers whenever they feel necessary.

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