Why the Liberal Arts

The purpose of art study is not to make artists out of our young people; it is to help them become
complete human beings (York 2004)

A considerable body of international research into neurological function and cognitive development now substantiates what many teachers, artists and parents have intuitively known for a long time – the arts are critical to education and learning. [···]

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Play To Learn

Although games can be effective learning environments, not all games are effective, nor are all games educational. Similarly, not all games are good for all learners or for all learning outcomes. Thinking. The capacity to reflect, reason, and draw conclusions based on our experiences, knowledge, and insights. It’s what makes us human and has enabled us to communicate, create, build, advance, and become civilized. Thinking encompasses so many aspects of who our children are and what they do, from observing, learning, remembering, questioning, and judging to innovating, arguing, deciding, and acting.

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